Travel Games - Refs or Games Missing in PENSRA Report

NorCal clubs in SF are responsible for uploading their own games from GotSoccer into PENSRA. For CYSA-only clubs and teams, SF Youth Soccer does that upload for you. However, all travel teams need to check weekly that refs are on their games. (We don't want opponents who've driven a long way to have a field and no refs.)
3 days prior to your travel games, check PENSRA to make sure your games are visible and referees have signed up. If not, use this form. DO NOT USE IT ON GAMEDAY ITSELF. On Gameday, call Rich Fern 650 TWO NINE ZERO 0365. Be prepared to have all the information below.
This form will send a formatted email to the proper assigners. 
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This form is only for SF teams to report when PENSRA shows no refs (or their games are missing) on HOME games. If you are looking at AWAY games and don't see refs, contact your opponent.
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If the Game is in PENSRA, but Refs are not signed up, which positions are not filled? *
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