Travel Play Reschedule Request

This form is only for SF teams to manage their HOME games. If you need to reschedule an AWAY game, contact your opponent.
SUNSHINE NOTICE: The information in this request is now automatically published to a public link.  
Do not just forward us emails from opponents. Use this form so that your request can be tracked and sent to the right person. You can cut & paste from the opponent's email below.
Playing League This Request is For: *
SF Team's Registering League *

NorCal and CCSL encourages teams to use guest players and guest coaches to cover conflicts. It's good to remind them of this! Please explain to your opponents that SF field scheduling is very tight and few requests are authorized or accommodated. Nevertheless, your opponents will ask. Please still submit here if it's a problem.
Reason Opponent is Asking for Change *
Don't just forward us the opponent's ask. Make sure you have checked your own schedule for your teams so you know when you can play, and include that detail. 
All games have been scheduled. Please us this form for rescheduling. There are not many slots open.  
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48 hours before gameday or less -- refs still get paid in full. 
6 days to 3 days -- refs still get $25 each for game ($75 total for 3 refs) + $10 assignor fee = $85.
These amounts are billed to your club. We recommend you collect from opponents if they are requesting a late change, but that is up to your club.
Would this be a Short Notice reschedule? *