3GStrong Grant Application

3GStrong offers a Social and Emotional E-learning Curriculum designed for schools, after-school programs, and home that includes professionally voiced-over books, interactive activities and so much more! The 3GStrong program helps create a school-wide culture by giving students and teachers researched based success strategies categorized under the 3Gs; GRIT, GROWTH-MINDSET and GRACE. Create a school-wide culture of 3GStrong, where all students have the same monthly success focus by engaging with stories and activities targeted for each individual age group, K-5. Texas PTA is partnering with 3GStrong to give three, one-year 3GStrong Social and Emotional E-Learning Curriculum subscriptions to K-5 PTA schools. 


Each 3GStrong recipient school receives one school-year subscription of 3GStrongā€™s E-learning SEL Curriculum which allows all teachers to have a unique login for 3GStrong.com to gain access to the following:

  • 180 class Check-Ins to build classroom community
  • A series of 27 grade level stories with the main characters that grow with students; Grit, Grace and Theo
  • 243 social-emotional lessons and activities designed by administrators, counselors, and teachers, focused on SEL standards 
  • Daily animated breathing videos to calm minds so they are ready to learn
  • Training with 3GStrong, customized to fit the needs of your campus


To be considered to win this Texas PTA grant award, applicants must:

- Be a PTA or school leader at a campus with a PTA in Good Standing

- Be a campus that serves any grades K-5


Take a sneak peek of 3GStrong here

 Visit www.3GStrong.com to learn more. 

*When you submit this application, a Letter of Support form will automatically be sent to your school's principal. 

I understand that I must submit the Letter of Support (signed by your school principal) before receiving funds.

When you submit this application, a Letter of Support form will be automatically sent to your school's principal. They must submit the signed form no later than March 1, 2021. *
I understand that my PTA must use this award between receipt of it and July 2022*
Can each classroom teacher at your school commit to 20 minutes a day of a ready to go, online SEL curriculum to create a culture of grit, growth-mindset, and grace? *

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