President's Challenge Notification Form

President's Challenge: A Return to Fundamentals

Local PTAs that meet all of the following criteria will qualify for the 2021-2022 President’s Challenge Award.

Deadline: February 28, 2022.

1. Meet with campus principal to set common goals.
2. Participate in the everyone can back the future campaign.
3. Host a family engagement program.
4. Have a membership increase.

PTA Information

Submitter Information

Award Information

1. The first requirement is to meet with the campus Principal to set common goals. Please list the top three common goals here. 
2. The second requirement is to participate in the refreshed Back the Future Campaign. Campaign materials can be found at
How did your PTA participate in the refreshed Back the Future Campaign? *
3. The third requirement is to host a family engagement program (virtual or in-person) this year. If your event is schedule later this spring, please share the details you have now.
4. The fourth requirement is to acheive an increase in membership.
This requirement will be verified by Texas PTA from mailed rosters and dues and members who join at Track your membership progress with the Local Roster.
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