Local PTA Community Membership Award Notification Form

The Community Membership Award will be presented to all PTAs that recruit 50 community members as members, and submit their rosters and dues no later than February 29, 2020.

This notification form must be completed in its entirety to verify the award for your PTA. This includes your PTAs membership rosters and dues for the individuals who are represented in this award.* 

*Membership rosters and dues must be mailed to Texas PTA. 408 West 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701. 

All Membership Awards that require a notification form include:
Golden Apple
MARS Membership 
MARS Involvement 
Community Membership
Community Involvement 
Generations Membership 
Generations Involvement
Preschool Membership
Preschool Involvement 
Student Membership
Student Involvement
Other awards offered by Texas PTA do not require a form and are based on the submission of Membership Rosters and dues. To see a full list of the Membership Awards offered by Texas PTA, their criteria, and the deadlines, click on this link.
I understand that membership roster(s) and dues for Community Members must be submitted to Texas PTA for this award to be verified. *