Local PTA Golden Apple Award Application

Has your PTA recruited 100% of your school faculty to be members of your PTA?!
Then your PTA qualifies for the Golden Apple Award!

What are your next steps? The Golden Apple Award is presented to all PTAs that recruit 100% of their school's faculty* as members, verified by their principal and ensured that Texas PTA has received all corresponding membership rosters with accompanying dues no later than November 30th.

*Texas PTA’s definition of faculty includes principals, assistant principals, teachers, counselors, and instructional assistants employed at the campus full-time. Staff that are shared between more than one campus or part-time do not need to be counted (although we’d love you to encourage them to join your PTA family!).

Texas PTA will need two items to verify your award. 

1. The Principal Verification Form must be signed by your principal and uploaded to this application.

2. Membership Roster(s) and dues for the campus faculty must be received by Texas PTA no later than November 30th. Members that have joined through JoinPTA.org are automatically accounted for. Membership rosters and dues may be digitally uploaded through the Digital Roster Upload or sent by snail mail to Texas PTA, 408 West 11th Street, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78701.

Once Texas PTA verifies your application and that we have received your membership roster(s) or members through JoinPTA.org, we will email you your award badge. New in 2023-24, you will also receive a link to a Golden Apple School poster you can print and display on your campus!


All Membership Awards that require an application include:

Golden Apple
MARS Membership 
MARS Involvement 
Community Membership
Community Involvement 
Generations Membership 
Generations Involvement
Student Membership
Student Involvemen

The remaining awards offered by Texas PTA are automatic and do not require an application. They are based on the number of members reported to Texas PTA through JoinPTA.org, your Digital Roster Upload or physical Membership Rosters and dues mailed to Texas PTA. The full list of awards along with their criteria, and the deadlines, can be found on the Texas PTA website.

Award Information