Local PTA Golden Apple Award Notification Form

The Golden Apple Award is presented to all PTAs that recruit 100% of school faculty* as members and submit their rosters and dues no later than November 30, 2022. *Texas PTA’s definition of faculty is principals, assistant principals, teachers, counselors, office staff, and aides employed at the campus full time.

This notification form must be completed in its entirety to verify the award for your PTA. This includes the following: 

              1. The Principal Verification Form must be signed and uploaded to this form. Should your PTA submit the Principal Verification Form to Texas PTA via mail, it will not be processed and will be returned to your PTA. 

              2. Membership Roster(s) and dues for the campus faculty represented in this award must be received by Texas PTA no later than November 30th.

I understand that after the Principal Verification form is completed, I must upload it here before my request will be processed. Please do not mail the form. *