Membership Card Request Form
Please use this form to order additional Membership cards. 
Please see all the notes below.
Is your PTA Account updated? We cannot send membership cards until your Executive Board's information has been updated with Texas PTA for this membership year using the Texas Two-Step. To complete the officer intake form, please click here. 
Never received cards or have damaged cards? Before completing this form, please check with your Council President or local PTA President to see if they have the cards that were originally distributed to them. If you do not have this information, you may email to inquire. Texas PTA will mail cards to the PTA President's home address, as cards mailed to campuses typically get lost. 
Need to order more cards? We are excited that you are ready for additional cards. The original set you were sent contained cards for 115% more than last year's membership number. Congratulations on already using what you were sent!
In order to receive additional cards, Texas PTA must show that you are currently at or above 90% of your total membership number from last year. Before completing this form, please check your membership number on the Local Roster (<click link)  Please note: It can take up to two weeks for Texas PTA to receive and process mailed Membership Rosters and dues, which means the current year's membership number can take that long to adjust.
This form must be completed in its entirety in order to be processed. Requests could take up to two weeks to be verified. Please contact the Member Services team at 1-800-TALK-PTA or with any questions. 
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