Bylaws and Standing Rules Submission Form

This form is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer.  Smartphones may not allow proper completion of the form.

As the chartering association, Texas PTA provides a template that includes both required and optional language. The required language cannot be changed by the Local PTA, and member approval is not necessary for any changes authorized by the Texas PTA Board of Directors. PTAs should request a copy of their Bylaws from Texas PTA after August 1 each year to ensure access to the most current required language.

The optional language must be approved by the members of a Local PTA with a 2/3 vote. Changes to optional language (including local dues) are not effective until your PTA receives a date-stamped copy signed by the Texas PTA President.

To maintain Good Standing with Texas PTA, all Local PTAs must update or amend their Bylaws and Standing Rules (if applicable) to Texas PTA at least once every three years.

1. Use the Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet as a guide to review your PTA’s current optional language and recommend any needed changes.

2. If changes are proposed, call a meeting of the membership (with 30-days’ notice) to approve.

3. Record the exact wording of the amendments and voting results in the meeting minutes.

4. Obtain a digital copy of the membership meeting minutes where the amendments were approved. These will need to be uploaded with this form to request the changes to the Bylaws and Standing Rules (if applicable). 

5. For an updated stamp on the Bylaws (no amendments), select the “requires no changes” option.

6. If Standing Rules are also submitted, the format must be uploaded here in Microsoft Word.

7. You will receive an email confirmation listing a summary of your submission and a reference number upon successful completion. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your submission was not completed.

The average turn around time to approve Bylaws and return them to your local leaders is within 5 business days. *Please note: If you have a more urgent request for the Bylaws submission form, please contact Member Services at 1-800-TALKPTA. Processing Standing Rules averages 4 weeks, though we will strive to facilitate this process as quickly as possible.  *Please note: During back to school months and Holidays, the turn around time could take longer. Should you have any questions while your submission is being reviewed, please don't hesitate to contact the Member Services Department at 1-800-Talk-PTA (1800-825-5782).

Important Bylaws Information

According to Article XV (Amendment of Bylaws), Section 1, a PTA's bylaws may be amended if both conditions are met.
 1. Notice of each proposed amendment shall be provided to the membership through regular publicity channels thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is voted upon or at the previous regular meeting.
 2. Proposed amendments may be approved at any meeting of the association, where a quorum is present, by two‐thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting.  
After Local PTA approval, amendments shall be subject to approval of the Texas PTA. Amended bylaws or standing rules go into effect when an approved copy is returned to the Local PTA by Texas PTA.

Important Standing Rules Information

Standing rules are administrative rules for the guidance of an association.

  • Adopting New or Amending Existing Standing Rules

    • Request a copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules Texas PTA currently has on file for your PTA.

    • Form a committee of experienced and knowledgeable members who understand the inner-workings of your PTA

    • Provide each committee member with a copy of the Sample Standing Rules, the current bylaws, current standing rules, and any recommendations from the executive board and membership. It is important to review both the bylaws and standing rules together to ensure that no conflicts are created with any new proposals.

    • As the committee develops new standing rules or considers amendments to the existing standing rules, they should decide if:

      ☐  They meet the needs of the Local PTA
      ☐  Their intent is clear;
      ☐  They are not in conflict with nor repeat any item in the bylaws; and
      ☐  They follow Texas PTA procedures and guidelines.
    • If the committee chooses to recommend new standing rules or amendments to existing standing rules, membership must approve the new standing rules in their entirety, or the amendments by a majority vote in the affirmative, at a membership meeting. With proper notice, new standing rules and amendments to existing standing rules may be adopted with a majority vote in the affirmative.

    • The membership meeting minutes must include an attachment of the new standing rules or exact wording of proposed amendments, for existing standing rules.

    • After the membership has approved the new standing rules or amendments, complete the Bylaws and Standing Rules Submission Form.

    • The new or amended standing rules are not effective until your PTA receives a stamped, approved copy, signed by the Texas PTA President.

Note: While not every PTA is required to adopt standing rules, standing rules are necessary for PTAs that engage in certain activities, such as providing scholarships. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that the selection process, funding and awarding of the scholarships are documented in the standing rules.