Request a copy of your PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules

Please note:
>Your role as an officer of this PTA will be verified before your request is processed. If you have not yet registered as an officer for your PTA, you may complete the process at this link.
>Completing this form does not fulfill the Standards of Continuing Affiliation requirement for bylaws or standing rules. If your bylaws or standing rules are out of date, please go to for instruction on the process and the correct submission form.
>The request will be processed as quickly as possible. Normally requests are filled within 5 business days, however, during back to school months and holidays, the turn around time could take up to two weeks.
>If you need a copy of your Bylaws and Standing Rules urgently, please complete this request first, and then contact our office via Phone ( 1-800-TALK-PTA ) and ask to speak with Kim Hodges.
Please Note:

To maintain Good Standing with Texas PTA, all Local PTAs must update or amend their Bylaws (and Standing Rules, if applicable) with Texas PTA at least once every three years.

Your Bylaws are made up of two parts and outline how your PTA functions, define its primary characteristics and include all the governing details considered important to the rights and responsibilities of members.

Part One: The Template. As the chartering agent, Texas PTA provides and oversees a bylaws template that includes required language, which cannot be changed by the Local PTA and does not require member approval.

Part Two: The customizable areas. These areas can be customized to meet the needs of your PTA community. It is important to note that any amendments to these areas require approval by your membership, at a meeting where thirty days (30) notice was given, and then, final approval by Texas PTA.

These are the necessary steps if you are planning to update or amend your PTA's Bylaws or Standing Rules:

Updating or Amending Bylaws

  1. Request a copy of your Bylaws from Texas PTA. If your PTA has Standing Rules on file with Texas PTA, the most recent copy will be returned with the Bylaws. Use the Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet (this form is now an addendum to your Bylaws, scroll to the last page of the document, it immediately follows the SOA page) as a guide. It lists the only editable sections of your Bylaws.
  2. Appoint a committee to review your PTA’s Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet and Standing Rules, (if applicable) and propose any desired changes to your membership. 
  3. Read the Bylaws Checklist, Sample Standing Rules, and Standing Rules Checklist to avoid common mistakes that slow down the approval process. If no changes are recommended by the committee, go to Step 5 below. 
  4. After giving 30 days’ notice, host a meeting of your membership (not your Executive Board) to vote on any changes, and record the results of the vote in Meeting Minutes.
  5. Submit your Bylaws to Texas PTA for approval. 

You will need the following:

  1. Meeting Minutes (from Membership Meeting where amendments were approved) showing proper notice was given and that members approved amendments
  2. Standing Rules in MICROSOFT WORD, if you plan to submit those for approval

If you have any questions regarding the review process go to the Bylaws page of our website for answers and a video tutorial. If you need additional help with your Bylaws, or have Bylaw related Questions please call 1-800-TALK-PTA or email the Member Services department for guidance.