Request a copy of your PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules

Please note:
>Your role as an officer of this PTA will be verified before your request is processed. If you have not yet registered as an officer for your PTA, you may complete the process at this link.
>Completing this form does not fulfill the Standards of Continuing Affiliation requirement for Bylaws (or Standing Rules, if applicable). If the approval date at the top of your PTA's Bylaws (or Standing Rules, if applicable) is more than three years old, please go to for instructions on the process to update or to amend your PTA's governing documents.
>This request will be processed as quickly as possible. Normally requests are filled within 5 business days. However, during the back to school months and holidays, the turnaround time could take up to two weeks.
>If you urgently need a copy of your Bylaws (Standing Rules, if applicable), please complete this request first and then contact our office via Phone (1-800-TALK-PTA).
>The Bylaws/Standing Rules Amendment Submission form will close on May 1, 2022. Please be sure to submit your changes or update stamp requests before this date.