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General Disclaimer: Diagnosis of health/medical conditions are not made and medical treatment(s) are not provided by the Coalition for Post Tubal Ligation Women (CPTwomen), www.tubal.org, by any of its associates, or by participation in the Tubal Ligation/Sterilization Outcome Health Research Study/Survey or “Project FSH". The CPTwomen Female Sterilization Survey is a questionnaire gathering exclusively PRO (patient reported outcome) data only. Participants in the “FSH Project” self determine and report their test results which is a continuum of the PRO (patient reported outcome) data collected.

Information contained at www.tubal.org or any website is not a substitute for a consultation and physical examination by a physician. Only discussion of your individual needs with a qualified physician will determine the best method of treatment for you. You are advised to obtain the services of a physician or health care professional if the need for medical treatment is indicated. The CPTwomen is not responsible for any actions resulting from the participation in the Tubal Ligation/Sterilization Outcome Health Research Study, “Project FSH”, or the use of information found at tubal.org by any person.

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