Inspiring Mentors: Superintendent Mentor Training

TASA has reimagined its mentorship program for first-time superintendents in Texas and has begun training new mentors. For the last few years, the Professional Learning Committee has worked to revise the current mentor program and design a new training to build deeper connections and engagement between our First-Time Superintendent Academy attendees and their Superintendent Mentors.

Program Overview

State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rule (19 TAC Section 242.25) states that all superintendents in the first year of the superintendency, or superintendents new to Texas, must participate in a one-year mentorship that includes at least 36 hours of professional development and contact with a mentor at least once per month. The mentorship must be completed within 18 months of employment in the superintendency. TASA’s “Inspiring Mentors: Superintendent Mentor Training” is designed to help new superintendents in the First-Time Superintendents Academy meet the requirements of the SBEC rule.

Participants will meet their 36 hours of required professional learning through the Academy, and mentors will meet monthly with their mentees to meet the latter requirement. Mentor superintendents are expected to meet face to face with new superintendents for at least six of the 12 required monthly contacts. The other six contacts may be done via phone or email.  Upon completion of the program, the new superintendent will send a completed Record of Contact form to their mentor superintendent and another copy to TASA. They will keep the original for their records. 

TASA’s mentorship training will be offered 2-3 times per year. TASA’s “Inspiring Mentors: Superintendent Mentor Training” will focus on the skills and superintendent competencies needed for mentors to build strong relationships, connect to First-Time Superintendents Academy session content, and give executive coaching to their new mentees.

What this means to superintendents looking to become mentors:

A new mentor training will be offered the first half of 2021. Date of training will be determined once sufficient interest for a training is received. Potential mentors may sign up for either date. TASA is seeking successful superintendents to serve as mentors. To be a mentor in TASA’s “Inspiring Mentors” program, you must be:

  • certified in Texas as a superintendent
  • an active TASA member
  • committed to the time to be a mentor and complete required mentor training
  • professionally committed to the Texas public education system

Preferably, mentor superintendents are TASA members who are committed to the New Vision for Public Education in Texas, and active in TASA’s Mission: School Transformation networking and professional learning. What this means to mentors on the previous TASA mentorship list:

If you are already a TASA New Superintendent Mentor and wish to remain a mentor in the “Inspiring Mentors” Program, please plan to attend our new training by September 2021. You will be kept on the mentor list until September of 2021. To register for the mentor training, please submit a brief bio, CV or Resume, and professional headshot. These must be uploaded below. Those who register will receive confirmation and additional information about the training leading up to the conference.


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