Thank you for contacting Small Paws® Rescue!

Our goal is to adopt loving Bichons, to responsible, loving, permanent homes.

We would appreciate your help in filling out this form, so we may find out more about you and your family, for your sake and of COURSE, the dog's!

Please answer EVERY question, as it saves time in processing. If you don't answer the required responses, the application will not make it through our system.

I have read and understand these fees. *

The Small Paws normal Adoption Fee is $150 which includes vaccinations, heartworm check, teeth cleaning (if needed) and altering (IF over 6 months of age). If shipping is required, there will be these additional fees: $175.00 American Airlines Priority Parcel air fare, $40.00 crate and $35.00 for the health certificate. The crate, health certificate and airfare are not refundable.

Only applications for specific dogs will be processed UNLESS you are grieving the recent loss of a beloved pet. If you have not yet found a dog which interests you, please keep checking back with us, and submit your application then.
Which site did you view our dogs on?
Which sex bichon do you prefer?
If you are a recent griever (a griever is someone that just recently (in the last six months) lost a beloved pet or loved one) and would like to be considered for a puppy, please tell us a briefly about your loss. *Please note, it's not often we have puppies available. * 🛈
I hereby give permission to call my vet(s) for a reference. *
If a house, is your yard enclosed by a fence?
Do you have a pool? *
Do you own a dog now?  *
Are all your pets spayed or neutered? *
Are you aware that Bichons are high maintenance, requiring grooming, ear and nail care?  *

Important Notice Temperament: Small Paws Rescue makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health and/or temperament of the dog. The dog is adopted "as is" and the adopter assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that may occur. Rescuer will provide the dog with the basic vaccines and heartworm test before adoption if the age and current health of the dog permits. While the rescuer makes every effort to place only healthy animals, the rescuer cannot guarantee the health of any animal and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred, hereby expressly excluding any implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding health, temperament or whether the animal is housebroken.

The adopter further agrees to accept all responsibility for any harm caused by the dog to humans, other animals or personal property following adoption, including, without limitation, any damages resulting from bites, scratches or any other form of aggression, and any damages resulting from the dog's failure to become housebroken. *

If we receive your application, an auto-responder will be sent to you to let you know your application has been sent to our server. If you don't receive an email or phone call from us within two weeks, please contact to be sure we received your application. We respond promptly to every application that we receive. Application processing time is about two weeks. **Your vet office will be contacted for a reference. Many vet offices will not give out any information unless you call to authorize this. Please contact your vet office to give them permission to answer our questions about the care of your pets. By calling ahead of time, it will save us time in processing your application.

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