LifeMoves MSW Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in the MSW Internship Program at LifeMoves for the 2022-2023 school year! 
In conjuction with requirements from your school's field education department, please:  
1. Complete this electronic form so we can learn more about you.
2. Upload your resume.
3. Await follow up from our staff to discuss next steps.
Don't hesitate to contact Becky LaBree, Director of Social Work Services, at 650-507-9212 or with any questions concerning the program or the application process.
Type of program: *
What are your areas of interest in terms of population and scope of work? Please check as many as apply. *
At which sites would you be interested in completing your internship? Please select at least 3 options, but you are encouraged to pick as many sites as you'd like. *

Which days will you be available for field placement? Please include all days your school requires you to be available, and feel free to select more days than your required hours if applicable. *
What times of day will you be available for internship? Please check all that apply. *
Do you have access to a car to travel to and from internship? (Note: This is not a requirement, but may be relevant depending on internship site) *
Would you consider interning with a program which involves meeting with unsheltered homeless clients in the community? *
Are you proficient in languages other than English? If so, please note which language(s) below. *

Thank you! We will follow up by phone or email shortly.