Nordic 2018 Reservation Request
Thanks so much for your interest in reservation space with us for 2018!

If the date and time you are asking for are available, I will be emailing you a contract soon 
If the date or the time are not available, I will email you alternative options and we go back and forth until we find something that works.

Providing all looks good to you on the provided contract, you will simply remit a copy back immediately to indicate your desire to go forward and then forward the required deposit by the date indicated to secure the space.

Looking forward to working with you!!

Date Requested: Only Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays are options. You must choose at least one date.
Click Calendar to select date. Since it is a bit early; times are subject to change.


Please note: Times are SPECIFIC ONLY TO THOSE DAYS SHOWN. The arrival times on some Sundays deviate from this schedule, we will notify you of the timing being used on the particular date you are requesting and offer you the closest available arrival time.
Have you hosted a Group Function at The Nordic previously?