FMCiC 2021

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Our church has effective leadership
Our church has effective governance structures
We are a thriving congregation
We have the financial capacity necessary to accomplish our vision
Our Church is commited to giving a tithe of our operating income to CORE Giving
We have new church members (under 5 years as a member) who actively engage in leadership
We have young people (under 35 years of age) in key leadership roles
Our church has baptisms of new believers every year
We have a clear vision of our future 5 years from now
We have no problem finding gifted people to take leadership responsibilities
Over the past 5 years, our church is declining in attendance
Our congregation is reflective of the community in which we are ministering
Our congregation is effectively involved in ministry with those not in relationship with Jesus in our community
Our ministry energy is focused on introducing people to Jesus
Our church has an intentional, ongoing disciple making process
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