The Free Methodist Church8 in Canada 

Local Church Annual Report For 2023

Due February 29, 2024

Church Statistics  (Please give the information for the year 2023.) 

We want to assemble a movement-wide picture of what happened in the FMCiC in 2023. We want to celebrate.  We want to be aware of challenges.  We want to research trends.  To do this well, we need the following statistical information please.

What kind of services did you have at your church ? *
Does your church have rental/other income that supplements this budget? *

Church Health

The FMCiC’s vision is “to see healthy congregations within the reach of all people in Canada and beyond”.  The LifePlan is the best tool that we have been able to develop.  If you are using it and have suggestions for improvement, please put them in the space below.  If you have found a better alternative Church Health tool, please be sure to put that information below is well.


Is the lead pastor bivocational ? *
Has any member of the pastoral staff taken a sabbatical? *
Has the Form 5 [Delegate's Report from the Performance Appraisal for all pastors serving under conference appointment] been filed with the Director of Personnel office? *
Have all ordained and commissioned ministers (optional for retired) completed at least one Continuing Education Unit (CEU)? *
Have the CEUs been documented and filed with the Director of Personnel office? *
Does your church have a child protection policy in place? *

Ministry Recruitment Referrals

Intercultural Engagement (Missions)


Are you actively engaged with a meaningful network? *