The Great 8 with Joe Moriarty

Be sure to indicate which class you will be attending. At the end of class, 6 renewal units will be issued once the course evaluation is complete. The course is a one-day course that teaches the same content at two different locations. In this dynamic and participatory workshop, we will examine the eight effective, research–based classroom practices that extend the positive, proactive, instructional approaches used to foster a positive school-wide climate. The Great Eight include: • Classroom Expectations • Classroom Procedures and Routines • Encouraging Expected Behavior • Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior • Active Supervision • Opportunities to Respond • Activity Sequencing and Choice • Task Difficulty We will also integrate the Work of Doug Lemov into the Great Eight. His 49 techniques in “Teach Like a Champion” are found throughout the eight foundations in the form of concrete, specific, and actionable classroom practices. Joe Moriarty began his teaching career in Shelby, Mt. in 1982. He and his wife Marcy moved to Bozeman in 1988 where they have since resided. Joe worked in the Bozeman School District for 23 years, 16 of which were in the classroom teaching primarily middle school math, and the last 7 were in administration as the Assistant Principal of Sacajawea Middle School. In addition to his classroom duties, Joe was actively involved with the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics, an instructor of Traffic Education, and coached a variety of sports including; tennis, football, and basketball. Joe retired from the Bozeman School District in June of 2012, but has continued in public education working as an adjunct professor at MSU, tutoring, public speaking, and educational consulting with the Office of Public instruction. As an Assistant Principal, he was very much involved in student leadership and MBI Youth Days. He continues to do that work as a facilitator of youth leadership and presenting the MBI / MTSS model for behavior, academic achievement, and general school climate. Joe will integrate the Great 8 (eight effective classroom practices) with Doug Lemov’s “Teach Like a Champion.”