NJ Jazz Regional Championship
2019 Jazz Championship Bid Form
Championship Date - Sat. April 6, 2019
Deadline to submit form - September 30, 2018

Host location will be selected by Jazz Committee


NJ Jazz Championship host must provide the following:

*Large, comfortable auditorium with appropriate sound system and concert lighting.
*Qualified ADULT sound technician familiar with jazz band amplification
*Payment for three Cavalcade jazz judges and one tabulator
*Appropriate number of stage crew members to assist each band with set-up and tear-down
*Ample classroom warm-up space for bands attending (at least 12 separate rooms)
*Backstage space that includes a large warm-up room, space large enough to store equipment for each band, and ideal traffic flow
*Hospitality room with ample refreshments for judges, band directors, and exhibition band members
*Large lobby space for ticket sales and other selected vendors (host will front money for tickets, but keep all ticket sales; ticket prices are established by Cavalcade)
*Cafeteria where host school can sell refreshments for each band and all audience members (host keeps all proceeds from refreshment sales and candy-grams if applicable)
*Registration table where bands will check-in as they arrive, along with enough guides to show bands to their classrooms and explain traffic flow
*Adult ushers at each auditorium door, ticket takers, and hand stampers
*Necessary security and custodial staff (host school must cover the cost of these individuals)
*All awards, plaques, and/or trophies (details to be provided by Jazz Band Administrator)
*Show programs with band names, selections, and soloists
*Most importantly, an active band booster group to fully support the smooth execution of the event

Cavalcade will provide the following:
*Assigned judges (3 jazz judges and 1 tabulator)
*Publicity through multiple outlets
*Communication with band directors attending the event
*Full schedule for the event
*$100 to the host, which should go towards providing hospitality refreshments for directors, judges, and exhibition band members

I can host the Jazz Championship on Saturday, April 6, 2019 *
Is your school a Cavalcade member? *
Has your school hosted a Cavalcade jazz show before ? *
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