Photo Change Form (Additional or Replacement Photos)

To Change your Cars On Line photos or to Add New Photos there is a $5 charge PER PHOTO. If you want to add more than 4 photos please use a new form for each 4 photos. To do this, attach your photos to this form and fill it out entirely with your name and address associated with your credit card. Most photo changes take place within 24 - 48 business hours (business hours do not include weekends). If you have a SLIDESHOW ad you wish to change photos on, please use THIS FORM Instead!! This form is *only* for run-till-sold $45 ads.
Make sure your name and address match those on your credit card, thankyou
(w/area code)

You will need to know your ad number, i.e. the 5 digit number at the end of your URL link to your ad page. You will also find your ad number on your login page (COL page) the posting id or ad number is the first item listed left to right for that listing.
(ie. or from log in page 45652    1956 chrysler imperial   edit   etc)

To attach your photos, Click on the "Browse" button to select the Photos on your Computer to upload. WE PREFER .JPG format. IF you name your own files DO NOT put the "#" character or SPACES anywhere in the photo file name, or the photos will not transfer. (ie - pic#1.jpg should be renamed to pic1.jpg). If you did not name the files yourself, this is not an issue, only if you renamed them after downloading them.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: (example: "Replace engine shot with interior photo" or "keep current photos and add these photos" etc. Please be specific!) If no instructions are included, your current photos will be REPLACED with your new photos at our discretion.

Credit Card Payment Information
Credit Card Type: *
(Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted!!)

PLEASE BE PATIENT WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR PHOTOS!! It may take anywhere from several minutes to a half hour or more to submit your form depending on the size of your attached photos!! Do not click stop or the back button. You will be automatically transferred to a "Thankyou" exit page when your submission is completed.

BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM, you agree to pay $5 PER PHOTO change / addition. This will be billed to your credit card above. The photos will remain online until you sell your vehicle or ask us to remove your ad.