VBC Spring Class Make Up Log


This form is for parents to list the class their player will miss and request a make-up class. When you submit a class that you will miss, we will offer that slot to another player.  Please give us at least 24 hours notice so that other parents have a chance to take your slot. The VBC does not guarantee that there will be an opening in another class. Questions? 

There are three steps to follow for a make-up class:
STEP 1 - select the class that your player will miss. STEP 2 - select a make-up class. STEP 3 – list player name and contact information.

Step 1:  Select one class that you will miss from the drop-down box and select the date (select only one class and list only one date.  Submit a separate form if you need to list more than one missed class). 
Step 2: Select the class that you will make up (0 make-up availability means that there are no make ups currently available in this class)
Below is a complete list of the make-up classes/dates currently available.  The VBC compiles your missed class submissions and displays it on the make up list below.  This list will be updated daily.  If none of the make-up classes listed below fit your schedule, check back here another day.  Also, the VBC staff will let you know if there is a makeup for you. The VBC does not guarantee that there will be an opening in another class.
Overall Skills Classes. Rookies (ages 5-6,) Level 1 (ages 7-8,) Level 2 (ages 8-10,) Level 3 (ages 10-12)
(0 make-up available)
Hitting Classes. Level 1 (ages 8-10,) Level 2 (ages 10-12)
(0 make-up available)
(0 make-up available)
Pitching Classes. Level 1 (ages 8-10,) Level 2 (ages 10-12)
Catching Classes
Step 3: Player information
Click the SUBMIT button below to complete your missed class or make up class entry.