Yes, I Scan Ultrasound Model Patient Volunteers

Are you attending AAPA2019 Conference in Denver? If so, we are looking for at least 100 volunteers to be model “patients” on Monday, May 20 during the “Yes, I Scan” Student Workshops and Competition.  This workshop will provide hands-on training in ultrasound, providing students an opportunity to learn the basics and understand ultrasound proficiencies.
- If you have a team participating in the competition, you have been asked to volunteer for the CME workshops on Sunday, May 19 (please see the team registration form).
- If you are a student participating in the Yes, I Scan ultrasound workshops on Monday, May 20, you are asked to pay it forward by also volunteering as a patient model (or in other areas if needed) during the competition and other workshop times. Volunteer patient models will be given priority in workshop registration.  
This is a non-CME volunteers opportunity. 
Select all times you are available to volunteer on Monday, May 20
The CME Workshop volunteer opportunties on Sunday, May 19 are FULL, please do not sign up for this session.
Select all times you are available to volunteer for the CME Workshops on Sunday, May 19.

I have read through this application and understand what is required. *
Please email any questions to Kodi Blue Erb at