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If approved, the Approval Agreement is in effect, and CHLM grants the approved party a nonexclusive revocable worldwide license to use CHLM's trademarks, logos and marks during the term of the agreement in connection with the specified CHLM Approval Program, hereafter referred to as the Program, as defined herein, provided that the approved party shall not sublicense or otherwise transfer its rights to CHLM's trademarks, logos and marks to any other party for any reason. The Program shall remove or make inactive the CHLM Approved logo 30 days after the Program has ended. The approved party shall not alter, modify, dilute, misuse, bring disrepute or challenge CHLM's ownership rights in its trademarks, logos and marks. The approved party shall follow the approved CHLM Approval Program Branding Guide. This agreement expires annually from the date of approval. *

Thank you for your submission to CHLM. You will receive an email shortly from a staff member at CHLM to submit payment. We will contact you within 30 days to notify you if your event has been accepted. All decision on approval by CHLM are final and cannot be appealed.

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