Judicial Affairs Commission

AAPA is seeking PAs to serve on the Judicial Affairs Commission for a two-year term beginning July 2021. The deadline to apply is May 26, 2021.

The FY21 Commission charges are as follows:

  • Implement the AAPA judicial affairs responsibilities reflected in AAPA Bylaws and policy, to include but not limited to, member/non-member complaints, election challenges, and membership issues related to adjudicated disciplinary actions.
  • Collaborate with other commissions and staff (and AAPA Counsel as needed) to provide guidance on judicial or ethics-related issues and policies.
  • As needed, review the Judicial Affairs Procedure Manual to ensure it remains aligned with state law, ethics, AAPA Bylaws and policy, and best practices.
  • Carry out other charges as may be directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Review AAPA policies assigned by the House Officers, to include but not limited to Five-Year Policy Review, and provide recommended action for consideration by the appropriate body.
  • Collaborate with other commissions, organizations, and staff, as needed, to ensure cross-organizational strategy, research, and planning.
  • The Chair will submit an annual report to the Board of Directors summarizing the accomplishments of the Commission. This report will also be shared with the House of Delegates. The Chair will attend the House of Delegates meeting to testify, as needed, regarding policies and resolutions related to the work of the Commission.

I have read through this application and understand what is required. *