Constituent organizations may submit conference information for the AAPA CME calendar and for posting on the AAPA website free of charge. If you represent a constituent organization and have any questions, please email or call Cherri Hall at 571-319-4366.

All other organizations must receive AAPA CME approval and pay a listing fee prior to posting on the AAPA CME Calendar. If the event has been approved for AAPA Category I CME, the number of hours will be included in the listing. The fee is $250.00 per month per listing. Please contact with any questions or to discuss other opportunities to promote your event. 

Applications for conferences are due 4-6 weeks in advance and will be posted within 5 business days. Listings are posted in order by date of conference. If two events occur on the same day they are posted by date the request was submitted to AAPA. 


Meeting Information for AAPA Website and Publications:


Will this program occur within 250 miles and six months (preceding or following) any AAPA Annual PA Conferences? Both qualifiers must apply in order to check the Yes option.

May 20-24, 2023 Nashville, TN

Meeting Contact Information:
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Contact Information for the Submitting Person:
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Educational Grants:
Contact AAPA for instructions priori to requesting any educational grants to support this program.