The annual Outreach and Advocacy Award program recognizes Constituent Organizations (CO) for their creative and innovative programs and projects that align with AAPA’s strategic plan and commitments to the PA profession. Two awards, a winner and an honorable mention, are offered through the program.

Submissions may focus on a wide array of Constituent Organization programs and achievements. There are no longer specific categories of awards.

 Review all program rules and award presentation information prior to submission. 

Award submissions accepted through January 29, 2023.


One submission may encompass any or all of the following:

  1. Partnering with Purpose

This includes successful programs or projects that:

  • Build relationships that empower tomorrow’s success
  • Move the profession toward an enhanced model of relational, integrated, and proactive partnerships that will dismantle barriers to practice, articulate PA contributions, and build financial capacity to continue investing in member benefits and capabilities that move the profession forward

  1. Advancing the Core

This includes programs or projects that:

  • Advance the mission of the Constituent Organization and/or the PA profession, making investments to evolve, strengthen, and expand core capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of AAPA members and the PA profession
  • Use data and insights, along with experimentation and action, to guide work, to strengthen technology and culture, and to support people who do the work to drive AAPA’s and PA success


  1. Building a Movement

This includes programs or projects that:

  • Develop increasingly sophisticated ways to unify, organize, and empower PAs
  • Identify opportunities to further invigorate, mobilize, diversify, and empower PAs while delivering resources so that they can blaze new paths in an evolving healthcare marketplace in areas such as telemedicine and administration
  • Create greater value for the profession and for patients through increasing levels of leadership and responsibility

  1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This includes programs or projects that:

  • Create a space that promotes fairness for all regardless of their individual identities
  • Create a space where individuals feel they can bring their individual identities without judgment and can feel a sense of belonging and respect. Inclusion in the workplace provides opportunities for people of all identities to participate and have an impact in a meaningful way
  • For more information about AAPA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative, please consult

Constituent Organizations are free to include any other relevant information that may not be captured by the information noted above.


I am authorized by the board of directors to submit this application on behalf of the above constituent organization.

On behalf of the Constituent Relations Work Group, thank you for your project and submission.  If you have any questions about the awards program, please refer to program rules or contact Brian Dautch.