AAPA’s Awards recognize exceptional PAs for their impact on the profession, on their patients and on healthcare. This application is for the following AAPA Awards: the Military Service Award, Humanitarian Award, Publishing Award and AAPA & PAEA Preceptor of the Year Award.

Application Tips:

  • The deadline for completed applications, with all supporting documentation is midnight ESTFebruary 15. Applications and supporting materials received after this date will not be considered.
  • Be as complete as possible when answering the questions below. If a question does not apply to your situation, simply write N/A.
  • Ensure all dates, organization names, committee titles, etc. are clearly and accurately stated.
  • Only electronic applications and supporting documentation will be accepted.
  • Complete applications should include electronic copies of:
    • Applicant’s curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Applicant’s answers to the questions below
    • No more than two letters of recommendation
    • A maximum of two secondary documents supporting the application
  • All materials and supporting documentation must be uploaded and submitted using the form below. 
  • No application will be considered complete at time of submission without all supporting documentation.
  •  Any questions regarding the process should be emailed to Kodi Erb at awards@aapa.org
Candidate Information
Please indicate the award that you are applying for: *

Publishing Award Application ONLY

Upload a PDF of the original article with the byline visible and a PDF of the article with the byline removed.

Humanitarian, Military and Preceptor Award Applicants

Answer the following questions as they relate to your award in a word or pdf document to be included with your application materials:

  1. Humanitarian, Military, Preceptor Awards:  Describe your professional achievements which demonstrate exemplary service to the PA profession and the community, and which further demonstrate the critical contributions of PAs to healthcare delivery by expanding access and providing quality care to the medically underserved.  Include examples of challenges encountered and strategies employed to overcome these challenges.   
  2. Humanitarian, Military, Preceptor Awards:  Describe your local, national, military or international volunteer achievements as they relate to the award for which you are applying. Include when and where you have performed any volunteer patient education or health promotion activities outside of your practice.
  3. Preceptor Award:  Provide evidence of a commitment to excellence in the clinical education of PA students as a mentor, role model and instructor. List when and where you have served as an active volunteer lecturer, clinical instructor, group leader, advisor/mentor for a PA program. Also list when and where you have served as a volunteer preceptor with PA students in your practice (rotations of 4 or more weeks).

Humanitarian, Military and Preceptor Award Letters of Recommendation: 
Please provide no more than two, one-page letters of recommendation related to service on behalf of the PA profession. Letters of recommendation must be uploaded below and received with your application.

  • Letters of recommendation may come from anyone who is familiar with the applicant’s activities.
  • Letters of recommendation should specify in detail why the applicant is qualified for the award. Anecdotes illustrating outstanding service are helpful to the Awards Committee. Here are some examples:
    •    Include evidence of service beyond routine work in the practice or hospital
    •    Describe the applicant’s personal sacrifice associated with serving patients
    •    Describe the applicant’s leadership qualities
    •    Provide examples that demonstrate mutual respect for other health professionals and support teamwork
    •    Include activities of the applicant that have had a positive impact on the image of the PA profession
    •    If applicable, include commendations, awards, medals and honors the applicant has received. 

Humanitarian, Military and Preceptor Award Supporting Documentation

Up to a maximum of two secondary documents, that total no more than four pages in length, may be included with your application.

The deadline for all completed applications is February 15.  Awardees will be announced in mid-March.  If you have any questions about the awards or the process please contact Kodi Erb at awards@aapa.org.

Thank you for taking part in the AAPA's Awards Program.