Thank you for your interest in the Compact Jade Gallery!

General Eligibility

You are encouraged to fill out this form if:

1. You are a retail store with an established business location, open to the public during regular business hours;


2. You feature or specialize in jewelry, or fine gift products.

There are no geographic or other limitations.

If you believe you qualify, then please fill out this form. A few short questions will help us to determine if a relationship between your business and Jade Gallery Hawaii is appropriate. We will respond within 24 hours, and if you are accepted we'll give you all the details of terms and pricing for this program. 

All the information you provide will be treated with full confidentiality

Basic Contact Information

About Your Business

Please list the five most popular products in your store, year-round. There's no need for sales numbers or any confidential information; just your top five product names is enough.